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[ Swiss Federal Office of Energy ]
Switzerland's overall energy consumption in 2009 fell by 2.5% compared to 2008. The main reasons for the fall in consumption were the warmer weather and the weak economy.

[ Swiss Federal Office of Energy ]
Electricity consumption in Switzerland declined by 2.1% in 2009 to 57.5 billion kilowatt hours (kWh). Domestic power plants generated 66.5 billion kWh, or 0.7% less electricity than in 2008. An export surplus of 2.2 billion kWh was achieved in comparison with 2008 with imports of 52.0 billion kWh and exports of 54.2 billion kWh.

[ Swiss Federal Office of Energy ]
Walter Steinmann, Director of the Federal Office of Energy, travels to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) for a three-day working visit on January 16, 2010. He will participate in the international World Future Energy Summit 2010 where he represents Switzerland at a round-table discussion attended by energy ministers.

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Last update: 01.01.2010

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