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Banca dati Ricerca energetica

Troverete i progetti di ricerca completati prima del 31.12.2016 nella banca dati online Ricerca energetica, mentre i progetti di ricerca più recenti sono consultabili nella banca dati online ARAMIS.

Numero della pubblicazione: 291097
Titolo della pubblicazione: Energy research and innovation - Report 2015 (Energieforschung und Innovation - Bericht 2015 )
Programma: Trasferimento scientifico e tecnologico (TST)
Progetto: 910025 - Technologie-Transfer / Systeme
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Data di pubblicazione: 30.03.2016
Contraente: Ufficio federale dell'energia UFE | Mühlestrasse 4 | 3003 Bern
Autori: Stefan Oberholzer | Ufficio federale dell'energia UFE |
Documenti disponibili: 000000291097 ( de, 4728 kb )
000000291097 ( en, 4747 kb )
000000291097 ( fr, 4770 kb )
Estratto: The ability to develop new ideas and bring them onto the market is an important factor for the competitiveness of a country’s economy. The key is research, where novel findings and ideas are born that lead to the development of innovative and competitive products. In the context of the new energy policy (“Energy Strategy 2050”) proposed by the Federal Council and the landmark decision to withdraw from the use of nuclear energy, this applies in particular to research and development in the energy sector. Here, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has a central role to play.


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