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Publication Number: 190056
Title of publication: The Swiss Federal Energy Research Master Plan for the Years 2000-2003, Summary
Program: Energy research concept
Project: 910015 - Energiekonzepte des Bundes
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Date of publication: 31.05.1999
Contractor: Bundesamt für Energie | Worblentalstrasse 32 | 3003 Bern
Authors: Eidg. Energieforschungskommision CORE
Available Documents: 000000190056 ( de, 329 kb )
000000190056 ( fr, 472 kb )
000000190056 ( en, 342 kb )
Abstract: The Swiss Federal Energy Research Master Plan provides details within the framework set by the Swiss Parliament and the Swiss Federal Council. It maps out how publicly supported research shall be used to achieve politically decided energy goals. Information is provided on the manner in which energy education, research and technology developments will be supported during the period from 2000-2003. The Master Plan facilitates co-ordination among federal and cantonal decision makers as well as municipal Authorities. Swiss energy research is dedicated to sustainable development, including the massive reduction of CO2 emissions. This is also implicit in the concept of the "2000 watts society". A two-pronged approach strives to reduce pollution by energy systems and increase system efficiencies. Technical progress is buttressed by Socio-economic measures.


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