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Publication Number: 291044
Title of publication: Energy research and innovation - Report 2014 (Energieforschung und Innovation - Bericht 2014 )
Program: Knowledge and technology transfer (KTT)
Project: 910025 - Technologie-Transfer / Systeme
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Date of publication: 08.09.2015
Contractor: Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE | Mühlestrasse 4 | 3003 Bern
Authors: Stefan Oberholzer | Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE |
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Abstract: In order to retain its leading position, Switzerland has to constantly review its research performance, identify existing gaps and, where necessary, expand its research capacities. In view of the Federal Council’s proposed new energy policy (“Energy Strategy 2050”) and its decision to gradually withdraw from the use of nuclear energy, this especially applies to research and development in the energy sector. In the wake of the Fukushima “major incident”, the Federal Council closely examined Switzerland’s research landscape and commissioned the formulation of an energy research action plan. During the 2013–2016 legislature, research capacities are being greatly expanded within the framework of eight new entities – Swiss Competence Centres for Energy Research – as well as at the two Federal Institutes of Technology.


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