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Publikationsnummer: 250011
Publikationstitel: Ouvrage Micro-centrale de Verbois - rapport final
Programm: Wasserkraft
Projekt: 100350 - VERBOIS-Micro centrale
Alle Publikationen zu diesem Projekt anzeigen     ARAMIS-Projektbeschreibung
Datum der Veröffentlichung: 30.01.2005
Auftragnehmer/in: Services Industriels de Genève | Case postale 2777 | 1211 Genève 2
Autoren/innen: Patrick Quercia | Services Industriels de Genève
Jean-Louis Martinez | Services Industriels de Genève
Verfügbare Dokumente: 000000250011.pdf ( fr, 3025 kb )
Abstract: The respect of the environment as well as the promotion of renewable energies are two of the principal mis-sions of the “Services Industriels de Genève”. The realization in 2000 of a scale with fish involved a loss of energy corresponding to a flow of 2 m3/s for an average fall of 18,35 m. The construction in 2003 of the micro power station of Verbois allows the recuperation of this energy. This micro power station is equipped with a horizontal-axis Francis turbine functioning with fixed opening. The number of revolutions of the turbine and the generator (direct coupling) is of 605 rpm. The electric output is 316 kW. The exploitation of this micro power station during the first year allowed us to detect a defect, which is the im-portant pressure loss caused by the accumulation of waste on the grids upstream of the aspiration duct. The installation of an automatic system of grid cleaner should allow stage this problem.


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