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The Cleantech Section is the point of contact within the SFOE for the support of pilot, demonstration and flagship projects, as well as for the promotion of knowledge and technology transfer. It also coordinates dialogue between industry, the scientific community, and the political arena.
With its range of programmes for the promotion of energy research, pilot and demonstration projects and flagship projects, as well as its "ProKilowatt" and "SwissEnergy" programmes, the SFOE supports knowledge and technology transfer from energy research through to the introduction of new technologies onto the market.


Findings from research, pilot, and demonstration projects in the energy sector are publicised in the form of specialised articles and information clips:
Success Stories
The release of new articles and information clips will be announced via Twitter:
@BFEcleantech on Twitter
Storymap Cleantech
The "Cleantech" online map presents a broad selection of current and recently concluded pilot, demonstration, and flagship projects:

Storymap Cleantech

Further information

Energy research
Wettbewerbliche Ausschreibungen - ProKilowatt (in German)


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