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Knowledge and technology transfer

The Cleantech Section is the contact point within the SFOE for the promotion of knowledge and technology transfer. It functions as a hub for dialogue between trade and industry, scientific circles and the political arena.
Innovation requires major human and financial resources, as well as a great deal of time: this applies especially in the energy sector, in which high-level innovations often require dozens of years of research and development. It is difficult to reconcile this timeframe with the short to medium term expectations placed on returns by private and institutional investors. In view of this, in addition to the private sector it is also necessary for the public sector to undertake a commitment to long-term support for innovation in the energy sector. The requirement of promotion by the federal government of knowledge and technology transfer in the energy sector is stipulated in Article 47 of the Federal Energy Act and Article 52 of the Federal Energy Ordinance.
The "Knowledge and technology transfer" programme focuses on the promotion of innovation projects, the catalyst effect of the SFOE, coordination and the provision of information. The SFOE is the contact point for issues relating to knowledge and technology transfer in the Swiss energy sector. It also provides information about innovation promotion services.

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Last update: 15.10.2018

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